On Friday evening at approximately 21:15 Hours fire erupted in a private home on Royce St just off Ave V in the Bergen Beach section of Brooklyn New York.

Fire was reported electrical in nature and sent heavy smoke through out the 1 story brick home on Royce St.

Hearing the commotion, Next door neighbor Phil Stagliano sprung into action left the comfort of his own home and entered the smokey residence next door to his and rescued an elderly lady who was unable to make it out on her own.

He carried the woman to safety and stayed with her until FDNY*EMS and the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived. FDNY*EMS tended to the elderly lady who was suffering from slight smoke inhalation.

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Talk about a birthday bash!

A 33-year-old East Flatbush man flipped his SUV and ended up in the hospital following a freak accident near the corner of Troy Avenue and Glenwood Road on Sept. 29 — as he drove to his own birthday party.

Witnesses said the victim’s SUV was approaching the intersection at 9:30 pm when another vehicle cut him off.

Surprised, the motorist cut the wheel and swerved into a fire hydrant — sending the SUV onto its side.

Members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Service freed the motorist from his vehicle and took him to Kings County Hospital with minor injuries.

The accident may have delayed the man’s birthday festivities — but not by much: as paramedics looked over him, the 33-year-old was using the Facebook app on his phone to check out all the birthday wishes he received and alert everyone that he was running late to his own party, witnesses said.

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July 29th, 2011 at approximately 23:45 hours A Head-On Collision between two cars occured on Ave H just off Utica Ave.

Members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps were the first to arrive at the scene and observed two young females sitting in a car that was involved in a Head-On collision.

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps immediately rendered aid to the passenger while the FDNY*EMS rendered aid to the driver.

Both injuries were non life threatening and were transported to Kings County Hosp to be treated.

FDNY E-309 and L-159 were also on the scene and operated.

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It was June 24th, 2012 and it was a proud day in the life of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Brooklyn South as they got to show off their brand new 2010 Ford e350 6.0 Diesel Ambulance with a 2012 MEDTEC box in a motorcade throughout their entire response area accompanied by many of their fellow Volunteer Ambulance Squads from Brooklyn and Queens.

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps was founded in 1975 by several community members who “Just wanted a better response time than the New York City EMS could provide”

They took possession of their Brand New 2012 MEDTEC ambulance and celebrated with a motorcade throughout the neighborhood.

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps will celebrate almost 37 years serving the communities of Mill Basin- Bergen Beach – Georgetowne – Flatlands – Futurama and Marine Park all located in the Brooklyn South part of the Borough.

Currently the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps Captain is Joseph Marcellino – First Lieutenant/Chief of Operations Peter Bojmal and Fleet Manager/Safety Officer George Aschoff

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps can be reached at 718-338-0434

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FVAC provided standby coverage at the Center Stage Concert Series at the Avaitor Sports and Recreation center at Floyed Bennet Field. Here are some photos.

FVAC held its End of Year Party on November 30th 2010 at Buckley’s Restaurant. Election results were announced and awards were presented. Here are some photos.

Photos by Steve Solomonson

Congratulatulations to 30 year member Steve Solomonson.
Fred P Wilken awarded for 25 years of service
Board of Director's member Linda Wilken awarded for 25 years of service
Joe Auerbach awarded for 25 years of service
Paramedics Brett Fields and Dave Moskowitz awarded for 10 years of service
Yitzie Fefferman awarded for 10 years of service
Bitzie Bree and Paramedic Jared Desalvo awarded for 5 years of service
Paramedic Jason Geller recieves Member of the Year award.
Mitch Methal recieves Captain's Award for outstanding service during 2010
Dave Greenberg awarded Driver of the year
Shirley Young awarded Dispatcher of the Year
Marilyn Sagiv awarded Rookie of the Year
Chaim Sabel and Yitzchok Cagan awarded for a Pre-Hospital Save



Volunteer emergency rescue workers were delivered a tall salute for their life-saving work during an awards ceremony presented by the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps (FVAC).

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) were hailed with pins, plaques and words of gratitude for their consecutive years of service as part of a tribute program held at Buckley’s Restaurant, Avenue S and Nostrand Avenue.

Among the honorees were: Mike Sylvester, Harlan Grey, Tammy Fauz, Jason Zimmerman and Adam Stern, five years; Scott Goodman and Elizabeth Stonehill, 15 years; Kathy Hunt and Anthony Farula, 10 years; Fred Wilken, Sr., 20 years; Josh Silver, “Member of the Year”; Fred Wilken, Jr., “Driver of the Year”; Nikita Brasse, “Crew Chief of the Year”; and Mitch Methal, “Captain’s Award for Outstanding Service.”

“Exemplary Service” awards were conferred upon: Crew Chief Yehuda Baker, driver William Engel, training officer Fred Wilken, Sr., dispatcher Sheldon Zalesky.

Recipients of the “Pre-Hospital Save” awards were: Sheldon Zalesky, attendant EMTs Rafael Ayala and Natalya Zaritskaya, and Captain Joseph Marcellino.

Other honorees were: Christopher Reiff, “Attendant of the Year”; Sharon Sinn, “Dispatcher of the Year”; and Kevin Marcellus, “Rookie of the Year.”

The FVAC, 4623 Avenue N, was established in 1975 to serve Flatlands and neighboring communities.


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The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps proudly unveiled the latest jewel in its cache of emergency rescue vehicles plus hailed the memories of two dearly departed by ceremoniously dedicating a brand new ambulance at its operating base.

Paramedics joined Assemblymembers Alan Maisel and Helene Weinstein, and Councilmember Lew Fidler who helped fund the van, at the outfit’s Mill Basin office, 4623 Avenue N, where they also dedicated the newly-remodeled exterior in tribute to former Captains Jay Gottlieb and Robert Stonehill.

Stonehill was a founding member of the 34-year-old organization, which serves the south-eastern part of Brooklyn.

The ambulance, the third in FVAC’s fleet, was christened the old fashioned way with a bottle of bubbly.

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BROOKLYN, NY – On December 14, 2008 – At approximately 2:00 p.m. a livery car driver lost control and slammed into three other cars in the intersection of East 52nd Street and Avenue S in the Kings Plaza area of the Boro.

FDNY Units Eng-309, Ladder-159 as well as several FDNY ambulances responded and proceeded to extricate several victims from the autos.

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance also responded with a BLS ambulance and was able to transport at least one of the accident victims.

There were no life threatening injuries in the incident.

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Two NYPD cops were rushed to the hospital after their car collided with an FDNY tower ladder truck at the corner of Utica Avenue and Avenue N in Brooklyn.

Officials were told that members of Ladder Company 159 were responding to a fire call on the night of November 14 when they struck the unmarked police car as it came into the intersection.

While the fire truck was basically undamaged, the front of the police car was left a complete wreck, said witnesses. The two officers in the car pulled themselves out of the vehicle.

Members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps were on hand to assist the two officers, who were taken to the Kings County Hospital Trauma Center for treatment.

Their injuries were not considered life threatening, officials said.

No firefighters were injured during the collision.

As of this writing, the exact cause of the crash was still being investigated.

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