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Check out News12’s coverage of our blood drive in Marine Park!

Our successful blood drive had over 40 donors with a total of 46 pints of blood collected.

Thank you to all FVAC members that came to help including: Joe Auerbach, Shai Auerbach, Fagie Herskovitz, Izzy Itzkowitz, and Sarah Flohr.

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Opioid overdoses are, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence in our society. Easy access to any number of substances that can be abused all too often results in the user becoming incapacitated to the point where death frequently follows. Such overdoses, if recognized in a timely manner, can often be reversed via the medication Nalaxone, also known as Narcan. This medication, given via a simple device that applies it inside the nose, can help the victim regain consciousness.

Given this reality, the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a local organization that provides emergency medical response in our area, in conjunction with the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), recently had a training session, free of charge and open to the public as well as first responders, at the Kings Plaza Community Room. The two-hour session included detailed information about different substances that can cause overdoses, how to recognize an overdose condition and how to treat the overdose with Narcan. The trainer also provided each attendee with a kit containing a dosage of Narcan in an application device, detailed instructions and a face barrier if support breaths should become necessary.

For further information about Narcan usage, when the next session might be held, or related topics, please contact the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps at (718) 338-0434 or visit their web site at FVAC.org. In case of a medical emergency, call their hotline at (718) 338-0444.

During this time, the Corps is also in the midst of a fundraising campaign, and any donations would be appreciated. Following the link from the site’s homepage or going to fvac.org/support/ will provide a convenient way to help support an area organization that has been helping our neighbors in medical distress since 1975.

See Article:  https://canarsiecourier.com/free-narcan-training-provided-by-flatlands-volunteer-ambulance-corps-p8290-199.htm


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By Linda Steinmuller
Photos by Michael Wright
A simple swab can save a life!
Every three minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, but thanks to the lifesaving work of Gift of Life, an international bone marrow and blood stem cell registry, those diagnosed with blood cancer have a hope for a cure.
The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps held a marrow registry event on Sunday at its headquarters located at 4623 Avenue N. Flatlands Volunteer Public Relations Officer Joe Auerbach organized the event with the assistance of Abe Tsrik from the Gift of Life Marrow Registry.
Residents who volunteered to “Get Swabbed” had a simple cheek swab to help find a match and a cure for a blood cancer patient. Gift of Life facilitates transplants for children and adults suffering from this life-threatening disease through blood stem cell and marrow donation.
If you missed Sunday’s event, you can give the gift of life by donating online. Visit giftoflife.org for more information.

Original Article   https://canarsiecourier.com/flatlands-donors-give-the-gift-of-life-at-bone-marrow-registry-p8201-199.htm


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Check out our very own Joe Auerbach On News12 discussing the need to
donate blood at the Marine Park Blood Drive.
The event has held on a very cold  Sunday morning Jan 16th 2022,
with an excellent turn out where 53 donors registered to donate blood.

Thank You to FVAC Members
Joe Aurebach, Marc Hahn Cassidy Hallahan, Mendel Levin, Nechemia  Nass, Shea Werzberger
who braved the cold to help with this blood drive.

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By Arthur De Gaeta
Photo By  Steve Solomonson

Onn Wednesday, December 15th, members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps held their annual awards dinner at the Hudson River Yacht Club. Almost 60 members, all EMTs and paramedics, gathered together with family and friends for an evening of food and conversation. An award was presented to paramedic Joseph Auerbach (pictured center) for his 35 years of dedication to the volunteer ambulance corps. Pictured with Auerbach are Captain Joseph Marcelino (left) and EMT Stuie Weiselberg (right). There were also service awards and Member of the Year awards to those who dedicated themselves to helping those in need.

See Original Article  https://canarsiecourier.com/paramedic-recognized-for-years-of-service-p8049-199.htm


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Staten Island Heart Society recently sent  Michael Dixon to Visit FVAC.
Michael came bearing gifts.
SIHS presented FVAC with two AEDs and Naloxone Kits.

FVAC would like to thank

Staten Island Heart Society
Council Member  Alan Maisel
Council Member  Steven Matteo

For  Working together to provide FVAC with this most generous donation.
Both the AEDs and Naloxone Kits are vital life saving tools that will be put to good use.


Staten Island Heart Society are proud to continue to help save lives with CPR and AED
use as part of the NYC Beating Hearts Initiative, spearheaded by Council Member  Steven Matteo


The S.I. Heart Society  mission is to promote Healthy Hearts  through educational
activities, programs, events, enhancement of the public access defibrillation programs & to
reduce the rate of death & disability from heart disease & stroke.
For More info visit their website https://www.siheart.org/

(L to R ) Staten Island Heart Society CPR instructor and EMT Michael Dixon with
FVAC Members Stuie Weiselberg, Sal Caruso & Joe Auerbach
See SIHS Facebook Post


Staten Island Heart Society Donates AEDs and Naloxone Kits To FVAC Read More »

Each Month  NYPD Precincts around the city hold Build the Block meetings.
At these meetings  residents are able to meet their local Neighborhood Coordination Officers.
The officers meet the community and hear their concerns and  are hopefully able to solve some of their problems.
FVAC  took the opportunity to join the meeting to connect both with community and their local NCO officers

Pictured: Harry Kopolovich, Mark Adler and Joe Auerbach with 63 Pct NCO Officers

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