4623 Avenue N

Brooklyn, NY 11234-3614

Our Members

The members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps are people from all walks of life who are dedicated to helping provide high quality pre-hospital emergency medical care to our community on a volunteer basis. They do not receive any financial compensation for the great work that they do. The gratitude, support, and response they receive from the people they help is what motivates them to continue year after year.

We are also a social organization. We recognize the valuable contribution made by our family members who give up having us around while we are working at the Corps.

We have run successful Santa Claus visits, Easter Egg Hunts, Car Washes, Bar-B-Ques, annual Dinner Dances, and other activities. We provide stand-by ambulance service at several local foot races and sport activities.

Many of us have formed close friendships with people we have met through the Corps and there have even been a few marriages.
In addition to our own training, we are active in providing CPR and other first-aid training to community groups.
New York State Emergency Medical Technicians and NYC REMSCO Paramedics make up the majority of our membership.