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Party pooper: Motorist ruins SUV; misses birthday party



Talk about a birthday bash!

A 33-year-old East Flatbush man flipped his SUV and ended up in the hospital following a freak accident near the corner of Troy Avenue and Glenwood Road on Sept. 29 — as he drove to his own birthday party.

Witnesses said the victim’s SUV was approaching the intersection at 9:30 pm when another vehicle cut him off.

Surprised, the motorist cut the wheel and swerved into a fire hydrant — sending the SUV onto its side.

Members of the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Service freed the motorist from his vehicle and took him to Kings County Hospital with minor injuries.

The accident may have delayed the man’s birthday festivities — but not by much: as paramedics looked over him, the 33-year-old was using the Facebook app on his phone to check out all the birthday wishes he received and alert everyone that he was running late to his own party, witnesses said.

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