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NYS to Install Solar Panels at FVAC

FVAC was proud to host a press conference that announced the funding for a project to install solar panels and large capacity storage batteries at the Corps.
The ‘backside’ part of the work has been ongoing for a while, with Sal working with Solar1, a company that will do the necessary engineering and installation work.
The announcement today, attended by NYS Lt Governor Kathy Hockul, Councilman Alan Maisel and representatives from State Senator Persaud’s office, was coordinated by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, which is providing the funding. This effort, started after Super Storm Sandy, aims to help vital neighborhood services maintain operations in the case of power failures or other disasters. FVAC is one of two VACs in the city to receive this type of system.
Representatives of the press (NY1 and News12) also attended, as well as our own Steve Solomonson, who took many great photos.
Thanks to the members who took the time to come down and help prepare the base for all the visitors (we had planned to be outdoors, but the rain caused a move to the Training Center):
Sal Caruso, Billy Engel, Rachel Freier, Rachel Halpert


 Photos by Steve Solomonson

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