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FVAC Visits PS 213 For Ambulance Show And Tell

PS 213 was teaching their Pre-K classes about community helpers and vehicles.
Teachers reached out to FVAC and asked we could send a ambulance to the school.
On January 13th FVAC sent an ambulance with a crew of four
for some good old fashion show and tell.
The crew  spent time with  four Pre-K classes, giving them a hands on tour of our ambulance.
Experiences like this help enrich the students learning.
At the same time we hope that being familiar with an ambulance will lessen the fear if a student ever needs to be  given care in the back of one.
Thank You to FVAC members Sal Caruso, Joe Auerbach, Stuie Weiselberg, Mark Adler  for volunteering for  this event.

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