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Jay Gottlieb

50 years old FVAC, passed away on July 8, 2008, after an extended illness. He served his community and FVAC with distinction for 31 years as a Dispatcher, Driver, Attendant and Crew Chief. Jay also served as a past Captain, Safety Officer and on the Board of Directors. He will be fondly remembered for his quick wit, his love for his family and his steadfast dedication to FVAC. Rest in Peace.

Bob Stonehill

Bob was a founding and charter member of FVAC. During his 29 year tenure, he served in nearly every officership at various points; his dedication to the corps and its members never faltered. His sudden passing at 57 from an apparent heart attack came as a great shock to all. He was First Lieutenant at the time and was involved in corps business while at home. He is sorely missed by all for his warmth, wit, wisdom, and wisecracking.

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Mitchell Wallace

was 18 years old when he joined FVAC in 1985. He became a dispatcher, then an EMT and served as an attendant. He left the Corps in 1987. On September 11, 2001 he was on duty as a Senior Court Officer at the Centre Street Courthouse complex. He responded to the World Trade Center as a rescuer. We are proud that his life as a rescuer found its first expression with us. His remains were identified in March 2002. Rest in Peace.

Gerald Levine, Esq.

63 years old, was active as a Dispatcher from 1998 through his untimely death in a motor vehicle accident while on vacation out west on November 13, 2001. In addition to being an attorney, Jerry is fondly remembered for his affection for golf and crosword puzzles. Rest in Peace.

Harold Levine

66 years old, following an extended illness, on April 30, 2001. Harold served as a Dispatcher and on the Membership Committee and on the Board of Directors. He worked in retail and is remembered for his good counsel on where to buy luggage and for his efforts at recruiting new members. Rest in Peace.

Ira Medjuck

30 years old, following an automobile collision on his way home from work as a Paramedic at Coney Island Hospital. He was taken by ambulance back to Coney Island Hospital where he received wrong-type blood transfusions which compromised his ability to have a recovery and he passed away August 10, 1995. Ira served as a Crew Chief and as an officer of the Corps. Rest in Peace.

William Fishkind

following an extended illness. Bill served as the third Captain of FVAC. He also served as First Lieutenant and was active with the Membership Committee. He moved from the New York area and had to resign from the Corps he loved. Rest in Peace.


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